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About The Owner


When I was young I had a range of health problems that were too complex for any therapist or health practitioner to figure out by themselves. These problems were mainly metabolic disfunction due to bad food and eating habits, and alignment problems with my spine and joints due to falling out of a tree when I was 4 years old.

Since no one could fully understand my problems or how to correct them, I had two simple choices: Do nothing and hope that someone can one day help me and finally fix me, or take responsibility for myself and my circumstances and do something about it. Needless to say, I chose the latter of the two options.

Even though I did not know where to begin correcting these issues, the conclusion of what I had to do was clear. Just start. It doesn't matter how I start, I just need to start.


Initially, I turned to spirituality and philosophy to seek those answers and I started to contemplate what it means to have optimal health. I began to experiment with certain medical plants to assist with pain relief and to help with mood regulation and overall wellbeing. This taught me the proper context for these plants and how not to misuse them and to treat them with respect. As I progressed, I learned how significant diet is and that there are certain dietary interventions that greatly assist with mental health and managing inflammation. I noticed that I was learning what truly works and what is really just out there to get money from me. My positive interventions were starting to "stack" on each other. What I mean by this is the better I started to feel, the better choices I was starting to make, and the more stable and aware I became. This made me accelerate faster on my journey and I was making fewer mistakes, which was a very welcome event.


After learning about diet and recovery, I started to learn about the importance of periodic stressors such as cold emersion or heat emersion and regular exercise. This concept is called "hormesis". Hormesis is defined as a favorable response to a stressful activity/agent, such as exercise, that has a detrimental effect at a higher duration/dose. This also made me realize that some of the most profound things that you can do for your health are usually free. 


This made me go full circle with what I learned early in my journey, during my spiritual and philosophical phase, which was that it is all about the balance, the Yin and Yang of things. One can overdo resting and one can overdo action. It's about the context of the situation and person.

Having transformed myself, I am now in a position where I can assist others with the knowledge that I have gathered and make their health journies much less arduous and stressful. 

I firmly believe that as we transform ourselves individually, we transform our society on a larger scale in unimaginable ways.

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